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Hester's Story

“My deepest self speaks through movement, dance is my native tongue. I no longer suffer physical symptoms to hear the wisdom my body holds, instead I dance.”

- Hester

Hester is dedicated to liberating the creative spirit in others and is passionate about how creativity and most especially dance can support and empower people and communities.


Hester holds a Master of Arts in Art Therapy and is a professional Arts Therapist. Hester has a busy private practice where she specialises working with clients living with Trauma using a wide range of embodied practices evolving from the field of Somatic Psychology.  Alongside individual clients, Hester co-facilitates healing groups for trauma survivors each week and teaches and supervises group facilitators. Hester's Masters degree dissertation explored the efficacy of movement based group work for trauma survivors. 


Hester is an accredited Open Floor movement meditation teacher and co-founder and director of Conscious Dance Aotearoa Festival. Since 2005, she has facilitated regular conscious dance classes and workshops.

Hester has an enduring interest in how collective spaces facilitate or not personal liberation. Hester holds a degree in Political Science and facilitates healing spaces that embody the liberation she longs to see in the wider world. Hester is a mother and in her spare time she likes to DJ

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